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"Create The Life You See, When You Close Your Eyes and Dream."

Six Steps to Maintain Your Femininity


If you are a woman who has experienced divorce, whether it be the beginning, middle or end of a divorce, I’m guessing you have told yourself something like this before:

“I have to be tough, strong and not let him walk all over me. I can't show any sign of weakness or vulnerability.  If I do, I'll lose all respect.  There is no place for Emotions!"

Well I'm here to tell you that there is power in Femininity!

If you have ever seen a momma bear protecting her cubs, you know that the feminine force is in no way weak.

Natalie Peace, Contributor at Forbes Magazine alludes to this metaphor in her article entitled, “The Awesome Power of Femininity...” and goes on to say:


Visionary women have helped shift the landscape, showing us new models of leadership that include natural feminine qualities like softness, kindness, giving and emoting. Authentic relating has become the focus of many organizations committed to fostering team dynamics where people feel safe and supported in doing their best work.”

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Things to Consider in Cultivating Your Authentic Feminine Self:

(These concepts, in great part, are inspired by my mentor and coach extraordinaire, Stacey Martino)

Image result for pictures of bullet points You don’t have to be taught HOW to be feminine. The truth is, you know how instinctually. The learning process comes into play in learning how to drop your protective barrier that keeps you from being the natural you.

Image result for pictures of bullet pointsFemininity isn’t about how you look.  It’s not about your clothing, hairstyle, make-up or jewelry.  Instead, it’s about your inner ‘Being’, which emanates from the inside.

Image result for pictures of bullet pointsThe core quality of femininity is openness.  Feminine energy takes it all in, it's vulnerable, nurturing, welcoming, energetic, seeks pleasure, is able to feel everything and enjoys the ebb and flow of a wide range of emotions.

Image result for pictures of bullet pointsIt is a woman’s ultimate power; femininity is NOT a weakness.  Just ask Super Woman!  She is full of power, yet incredibly feminine.

Image result for pictures of bullet pointsConsider cultivating your femininity in your personal life through dancing, taking bubble baths, listening to music, laughing, burning candles, using potpourri, incense and/or perfume, or putting on your favorite soft or silky outfit.

Image result for pictures of bullet pointsAsk yourself questions like: How open am I on a regular basis on a scale of 1 to 10?  In what ways do I shut down to protect myself?  How do I pull away, care less and distance myself?



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