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"Create The Life You See, When You Close Your Eyes and Dream."


"Before beginning my work with Shan, I rarely made time for me. That's not to say I didn't take care of myself, eat well and exercise, but I felt consumed by work and disengaged from my life. And I felt dissatisfied and stuck. 

Six months later, I'm able to see the bigger picture and how my action or inaction affects it. Shan has helped me enormously. She has helped me to set goals, be mindful and stay the course."

-- Jean Perez, New York, NY


“My wife and I have worked with several different counselors in the past, but my wife did not sense a connection or a feeling of being understood, which was very disconcerting to me.
Shan made an instant connection, and my wife told me she felt truly understood.  Shan has the ability to deeply listen, genuinely empathize and empower women to honestly examine what they would like to change in their lives without being defensive. She became more approachable, loving and engaged as a result.  Shan helped us start a change in direction for our Marriage that was truly needed.  

We are thankful for Shan's generosity and interest in our lives.”
Mark R.
Google Corporation
Mountain View, CA


“(Do you) have a lot of ideas, projects going on, people to see and things to do? Not really the time to do them all? I suggest you have a talk with coach Shan White!  Structured to the core, she is always in your corner and helps you to never slip away from your goals!  With humor and expertise, she leads the way and help you see the “big picture”, while you are “taking care of business”. I am grateful for the help (coaching) … on focusing of what really mattered …” introduction speech. Need new focus?  Hire her right now!

Torunn Ødegård
Owner of Think Management AS
Oslo, Norway


“What a breath of fresh air!  Shan has helped me through cancer, a period of unemployment, and numerous job situations. Her insight is spot on. Shan has the rare gift of a true listener and she can both empathize and bring me back to reality.  She suggests real life courses of action and supports my decisions.  I so appreciate having a coach who is as tuned into the human spirit and that is why Shan will always be my coach in this game of life.”

Kim Helit


“As a coach, Shan’s compassion and generosity have helped me work through some difficult challenges and ultimately assisted me in achieving some very positive results.   Her inspiring and uplifting personality is contagious, and I have definitely learned a great deal from her.  She has shown me that through strength, determination and perseverance, we can all triumph over our adversities.”                                        

Melissa Azzara
Lithia Corp.
Anchorage, Alaska


"I would like to share with you this life changing experience… I always had problems in my relationships…confusion, lack of vision & low self-esteem used to appear like a shadow that I’ve been carrying for my whole life. Then, I met Shan White, she said that she could help me get over that shadow. We had 4 sessions of coaching & she helped me see things from my past and key decisions of my life... During one of the sessions I had this breakthrough about my past, specifically about my father, I believe that my feelings got mixed up when my parents divorced and my father disappeared. But she helped me realize that I didn’t have to live my future based on my past. She broke it down into tangible pieces for me to be able to move on with my life. That was really liberating.  I do know the shadow is gone, I do not need to be bound to my past experiences, and I can have a beautiful future with a decent man that loves me as I am. Thank you so much Shan for your patience and care for me, you made me see that I am worthy."

Patricia Seara
Founder and Owner of a private elementary school
Bucharest, Romania


“Even though I am still young in my career, Shan did an impeccable job of helping me uncover factors that were keeping me from fully engaging in my job. She assisted me in identifying ways to improve my performance with attainable goals and resources that have already impacted my career outlook. I would highly recommend people of any tenure to Shan. She is welcoming and understanding, and truly effective at what she does.”

Kylie Goosmann

Small Business Consultant- Risk Management, Human Resources and Payroll


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