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What is Divorce Prevention & Divorce Recovery Coaching?


Shan is a certified life coach from the official Tony Robbins School:  Robbins-Madanes Coaching Training.  What separates her from the normal “run of the mill” coach is that she is trained, at a master’s level, to get results that are quicker and more sustainable through the advanced techniques of strategic intervention coaching.


She specializes in “all things divorce”.  There are two sides of the divorce coin.  The first is preventing divorce from happening in the first place, known as “Divorce Prevention Coaching”.  In this case, we work together on marital problems, even when their partner is not on board.


The second side of the divorce coin is recovery from a divorce that has already happened, known as “Divorce Recovery Coaching”.  In this case, Shan works with helping women to heal themselves from the trauma of divorce by putting their lives back together. 


Shan is an expert in providing guidance, support, and direction. She does this by designing customized tools, techniques, and strategies to help ease the difficult challenge of change and uncertainty.


What is Life Coaching? Just as a personal fitness coach helps you raise your standards to achieve peak performance in your body, a coach will support and challenge you in achieving peak performance you desire and deserve in your life before during and after divorce.


How Can Coaching Work For Me? 


Coaching can work for you because it is both customized and sustainable.  It’s customized to your own unique and specific needs. It’s sustainable because it is not about giving you advice. 


Rather, it is about exploring options, possibilities, and new choices; perhaps not considered before.  Then, it’s about designing an action plan and being accountable for the results.

When is the last time someone sat down with you to understand your history, your dreams, hopes, desires, goals, values, key relationships and aligned with to assist you in achieving what’s most important to you in your life?  And had the tools to help accelerate you on the path to what you most want to achieve?








Masterful Mindsets

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